[NXT] Programming Solutions for Lego NXT

Programming Solutions for the LEGO Mindstorms NXT – Which approach is best for you?
by Dick Swan

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NXT-G is likely a good choice for a graphical programming solution. ROBOTC is a good, text-based programming solution. If you don’t need the full power of ROBOTC or want an open source solution and already have programming experience, NXC is another choice for you. pbLua and NXJ show promise but are not currently mature enough or sufficiently full- featured for most users.


[NXT] 마인드스톰 NXT 원격조종을 위한 모바일 앱(Mobile Apps for Mindstorms NXT)

마인드스톰 NXT를 원격조종할 수 있는 앱들

Mobile Apps for Interacting with Your Mindstorms NXT Robot

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The iOS allows a Bluetooth connection only with a few select devices and headsets with the Mindstorms NXT not being among them. This is why no direct Bluetooth connection can be established between an iOS device with standard functionality and the NXT. For this purpose generally a computer that acts as a Bluetooth server is employed, which receives information from the iOS device via a WiFi network connection and relays it via Bluetooth to the NXT brick. Bluetooth server applications are generally available for Windows and Mac.

< 결론>
1) Android device < -- (Bluetooth) --> NXT Brick
2) iOS device < ==(Wi-Fi)==> Mac or PC < --(Bluetooth)--> NXT Brick

안드로이드 기기는 블루투스를 통하여 직접 NXT를 원격조종할 수 있다.
애플기기는 직접적으로는 NXT를 원격조종할 수 없다. 대신 중간에 컴퓨터를 통하여 간접적으로 NXT를 원격조종할 수 있다. 간접 조종을 위해 블루투스 서버 역할을 하는 소프트웨어가 필요하다.


NXT와 PF의 연결하기

1. LEGO Power Functions FAQ
Q. Can I use Power Functions with the MINDSTORMS NXT?
A. Yes. With 8886 Power Functions Extension Wire or 8871 Power Functions Extension Wire 20” and the MINDSTORMS 8528 – NXT Converter Cable you can incorporate Power Functions elements with the NXT.
– #8886(#8871은 길이가 긺)와 #8528가 짝으로 필요함.
– 이를 이용한 예를 Power Functions Remote Control Sensor에서 볼 수 있음

2. Working with various motors in your NXT projects
Part 1
Part 2

3. NXT IRLink Sensor
– NXT의 무선 신호를

4. NXT IRReceiver Sensor
– IR 리모컨(#8885)의 신호를 신호를 받아서 NXT에 전달해주는 센서
– 이 센서에 들어온 신호를 처리하는 프로그램이 있어야 함
– 비용 : $55

5. Custom NXT® cables
– 기존의 것을 약간의 공작을 통해서 자신만의 케이블을 제작함.
– 각 부품에 대한 충분한 이해가 필수임.
– 이를 상품(NXT to PF Cable)으로 파는 곳도 있음

6. Mindstorms NXT motor and PF IR Receiver Compatibility

7. NXT and PF compatibility